NEP Education CSOs Mapping Report 2021

The Education CSO Mapping Report attempts to look at the state of education civil society organizations (E-CSOs) in Cambodia, and to define their role in contributing to the sustainable, relevant, and effective development of the educational sector. This year’s report has a special focus on analyzing the alignment between E-CSOs efforts and the strategies, policies, plans of the Royal Government of Cambodia, in particular the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MoEYS). It also looks at the intervention areas, distribution of E-CSOs by province, capacity gaps and resource analysis, inclusivity profile, and sub-sector specific progress. There are further sections examining challenges and successes, as well as innovation, partnerships, and policy dialogue. Throughout the report the voices of E-CSO partners can be heard in the briefs as well as the success stories at the end. The aim is for this report to showcase the work of NEP partners, for it to inspire dialogue, collaboration, critique, and further improvement of the education sector as a whole. It is designed to be a living document for E-CSOs to engage with, critically examine, and to use in their own research and analysis efforts to improve the education sector.

  Published on: 2021
  Published by: NEP Cambodia
  Language: English

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