Capacity Building Training 2020 On Public Investment in children and youths: development of budget policy advocacy briefs And BWG’s Annual Reflection Meeting


Save the Children (SCI) in Cambodia, a core-member of Budget Working Group (BWGs) and NGO Education Partnership (NEP) through coordinate by The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) as Secretariat, have been engaged in budget analysis and budget advocacy for several years.

The analysis of the education budget and capacity building to partners is one of the key activities carried out by SCI with financial and technical supported to BWGs since 2018,  contributing to building capacity and joint budget advocacy such as national policy dialogue, national public forums, and develop the policy brief/statements.

NEP Cambodia is a coalition of educational NGOs working to consolidate positions of the development and educational sectors stakeholders, improve capacity-building practices, and policy advocacy skills of the civil society actors. GPE initiative “Education Out Loud” in Cambodia: “Strengthening the quality of educational policy dialogue and delivery through civil society inclusion, participation, communication, and capacity building”. Through this project, NGO Education Partnership Cambodia aims to support civil society in participating in the educational policy dialogue in Cambodia. Civil society’s consolidated voices and opinions are essential to adequate policy implementation, monitoring, and development.  

BWG is a collective of educational NGOs including Save the Children, NEP, and other NGOs currently organizing this capacity building as well as initiating this training on Public Investment in children and youths, to focus on the budget sectoral analysis and issues and their relevance to members of the child rights coalitions, child-led organization, technical vocational training practitioners, and other BWGs members. The training is to be facilitated by guest speakers and specialists from MEF, MoP, MLVT, and MoEYS.

The NGO Forum is going to initiate the BWG Annual Reflection Meeting to discuss and reflect on the achievements, challenges, and way forward for budget advocacy. 

The facilitators for this training and meeting are:

  • SCI’s TA Silver Course of Public Investment in Children. He will provide on-going support in design the training program, advisory, and facilitate key sessions.
  • MLVT/MOYES specialist
  • Advocacy and Communications Specialist 
  • BWG secretariat and members


  • To strengthen participants’ understanding of the Public Investment in Children and Youths through identifying persistent issues in the educational sector
  • To improve budget analysis skills, understanding of budget allocation processes and gaps relates children and youths’ issues (basic education and TVET ) 
  • To develop sub-sectoral budget policy advocacy action plans and budget policy position statements
  • To harvest the BWG’s achievement and review the functioning structures & members
  • To develop the BWG’s operational plan and key advocacy activities for 2021, including basic education and TVET policy advocacy strategies for 2021

Expected outputs:

  • Participants better understand Public Investment in Children and Youths and improve capacity to identify main issues of children and youths in educational settings
  • Participants can analyze gaps of public budget allocation related to children’s and youths’  issues (education and TVET) 
  • Participants draft budget policy statements on children’s and youths’ issues. 
  • Participants draft action plan and budget for joint advocacy plans (2021)


  • Staff of SCI’s Partner (PSDO, BSDA, KEAP, CRC Cambodia, CCYMCR, and WOMEN)
  • BWG’s members
  • CRC Cambodia
  • SC Cambodia
  • NEP’s members and partner 
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