Guideline for Screening Children with Disabilities at Preschool

In cooperation with CRS, the Guidelines for Screening Children with disabilities at Preschools was prepared by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) with input from various departments including: Special Education Department; Early Childhood Education Department; Teacher Training Department; Preschool Teacher Training Center; National Institute for Special Education; and five other relevant departments of the MoEYS. The main purpose of the Guidelines is to provide early interventions for children with disabilities that improve their daily life and learning. The contents of the Guidelines outline clear ways to assist school administrators, preschool teachers, and parents with early detection of children with disabilities. In addition, it details how to refer children to the appropriate medical services.
Title: Guideline for Screening Children with Disabilities at Preschool
Author: MOEYS
Issued by : MOEYS
Issue date :  2019
Language : Khmer

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