Country Technical Notes on Indigenous Peoples’ Issues: Kingdom of Cambodia

There is no recent data on the poverty level among indigenous peoples in Cambodia. A 2009 World Bank (WB) study pointed out that poverty has decreased dramatically from 47 per cent in 1994 to 30 per cent in 2007. However, a third of the population, mostly in rural areas where the majority of indigenous communities live, still lives below the poverty line. The immediate challenge faced by indigenous communities in Cambodia is the loss of rights to land and natural resources. As a result, land alienation has contributed to loss of jobs, impoverished livelihoods and health, loss of opportunity to attend school, and loss of traditional and cultural practices. The poverty of indigenous communities is also related to indigenous peoples‟ lack of representation in decision-making and in formulating and enforcing policies and laws.

  Published on: 11/2012
  Published by: IFAD & AIPP
  Language: English

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