Advocacy Strategies for Civil Society: A Conceptual Framework and Practitioner’s Guide

This Advocacy Strategies Resource Guide (Guide) is the primary product to emerge from a larger study on advocacy strategies commissioned by the Democracy and Governance (D/G) Center’s Civil Society Advisor. The study, and now the Guide, is intended to serve the knowledge and informational needs identified by USAID Democracy Officers and their U.S. and host country CSO partners involved in the design and implementation of civil society programs with advocacy components. The study was designed at a time (mid-1995) when a number of issues related to civil society’s role in the transition to and consolidation of democratic governance were being raised both in the field and at the Agency level. In this regard, the study was to provide: 1) a systematic overview of the range of advocacy strategies appropriate for different levels of political development in southern and transition countries; and 2) a consolidated source of knowledge concerning available training approaches and programs appropriate for these countries. The change from a traditional study and “synthesis report” to a “resource guide” was made in recognition of the practical needs of the field.

  Published on: 8/31/1997
  Published by: World Learning Inc. and Associates in Rural Development
  Language: English

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